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The Sale Barn

It all started with a search for another saddle. I looked at everyone I could find. Then a friend of mine mentioned that there was a horse sale the following week at the local sale barn. So I decided to go. I left my house early because I wanted time to look at all the horses that were consigned to this sale. I couldnít believe how many nice horses there were. There were a few crippled and alot that were in really bad condition. I looked through the entire barn. In the very last stall I saw the prettiest golden dappled buckskin Quarter horse mare I have ever seen!!! She had a one month old filly beside her to match. A copy of her papers were posted on the stall!! This mare had some excellent AQHA bloodlines. The filly was sired by a Champion. I really couldnít afford to buy anymore horses, but I decided that I had to get this pair if I could.

The sale was about to start so I headed for my seat. The tack was the first to sell. I was so excited about the fancy mare and foal I didnít even look at the saddles before the sale. I did buy a really nice penning saddle. It seemed as though they would never finish selling the tack. Finally it was time for the horses to sell. The first one out was a pretty little Pinto gelding. He sold for more than I had expected. I found that all the horses were selling for high prices. The bad ones were selling for as much as the good ones. How could this be?? Most of the horses were being purchased by the same few people. Then there they were, the gorgeous little buckskin pair. I was real shocked when I was out bid by these same few people. I my heart was broken. I didnít have enough money to by the mare and foal that I had wanted so badly.

I went to pay my bill. The line was extremely long. I had to go in the back to get the saddle I purchased. To my surprise most of the horses had already been loaded and were on the way to their new homes (So I thought at the time). In the corner of an empty stall was a young boy and the filly that I had wanted to purchase, but no mare. I asked the boy where did he get the filly and where was her mamma. The boy told me that the filly was given to him by the man who bought her. I asked him why would he do this? I was not ready for the answer I got. He said ďHe gave her to me because her mamma was being taken to butcher.

My heart sank. How could someone take that gorgeous mare to butcher. I was enraged. I tried to buy the filly from the boy, but he wouldnít give her up. I questioned everyone I could about the buyer of the mare, but no one would tell me a thing. I ran back to the stall where I had first seen the mare and foal!! The copy of her papers was still there. I ripped it off the wall. With tears streaming down my cheeks, I headed for home.

The sale barn was only 10 miles from home, but it felt like 100. I cried the whole way. When I got home I tried to get the phone number of the current registered owner. I had no luck. I tried AQHA and they couldnít help either. I made a lot of phone calls to various places. No one could or would help. I kept trying for the next couple of weeks. Finally I had to give up. I tried to locate the foal again serveral months later, but AQHA said that they had not registered her.

I still canít understand how people can take a well bred horse, or any horse for that matter, to an auction like this one, when they know what will probably happen to it. I found out later that the prices for horsemeat was 98 cents a pound. Thatís outrageous!!!! People only worried about money, not the welfare of our beloved horses. I have not been to a horse sale like that one since.

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